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Blum is an Austrian international company and manufacturer of fittings. The company offers all fittings such as lifting systems (jacks), hinges, boxing systems, rail systems and a wide range of other fittings for home and office furniture, especially kitchen cabinets.

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Forma E Funzione

Forma e Funzione is an Italian manufacturer of lighting systems for home furnishings, office furniture, fittings, interior decor and other home appliances. A team of experts designs products and concepts that are both innovative, flexible, and easy-to-assemble in many devices.

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Vauth Sagel

Vauth-Sagel is a German designer and manufacturer in the field of decoration accessories and office and home furniture. It aims to produce equipment that makes everyday life easier. Innovations that people love to watch and touch; A way to place items in the home space that makes life easier.

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Lift Systems

Aventos lift systems in the kitchen provide the maximum ease of use of top-row cabinets. Despite them […]

Hinge Systems

Blum Hinge Systems are easy to use and can be used in almost any type of hinge due to the wide variety of […]

Box Systems

box systems allows you to eliminate clutter and create a functional space without changing the style […]

Runner Systems

Runner systems are designed to provide quick and easy access to find what you need at a glance […]

Organization Systems

Organization systems help you organize your equipment in the best possible way […]

Motion Technologies

Motion Technologies are compatible with lift systems, hinge systems and runner systems that are integrated into them […]

Base Cabinet

Base Cabinet is the basis of any home. After all, the back and the bottom of everything is as important […]

Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets are not just a simple cabinet that is located in the corner of the kitchen […]

Tall Cabinets

A tall and beautiful cabinet is the key to having a good kitchen! Tall Cabinets, as a food storage cabinet or […]

Waste Bin System

Waste Bin System is the mechanism by which not only your own living space is kept clean […]


Accessories provide more organization and comfort in the house and complete the kitchen […]


A wide range of solutions for the proper installation of our products, such as Wireless control […]

ERA Collection

ERA perfectly adapts to the surfaces in which it is inserted, almost disappearing and becoming all in one […]

GEO Collections

GEO Collection has Simple and essential design, Its reduced dimensions and the ‘light blade effect’ […]

NET Collection

NET Collection A minimalistic collection featuring elegance and glamour. Simple and essential […]

ORIZZONTE Collection

ORIZZONTE Collection is A light bar collection specially designed for wardrobes, it combines functionality […]

SKY Collection

SKY Collection is The natural complement to any piece of furniture. Simple and essential design […]

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